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Akers Engineering

Akers Engineering

I started the business when I was 25. Before this I studied and graduated with a degree in motorsport engineering and been working as head machinist for the past 5 years. I have always had the love of making and designing new ideas, but this business started because of my love of making and the tragedy of my beloved dog passing away. Because of this I decided to make a personal metal portrait of him so we can always remember him. From this I thought I could also do the same for other people. My business has also now gone down the path of making labelling stakes for the garden as my love for nature has been brought to life thanks to my other half.

Dog portraits – I make already designed portraits of dogs for people to buy or they can have custom made portraits if they so desire. These are made out of mainly stainless steel or Corten steel. These are designed to show as much detail about the dog as possible and out of a metal that will last a lifetime, just the same as the memory of our beloved dogs.

Labelling stakes – These are stakes that you place in the pot or flowerbed to show what you are growing in a stylish way. These are made out of stainless steel which means the stakes will last a lifetime. The stakes have an image of what you are growing on there and also the name of what you are growing on there so no matter what age you are or where you are from you can recognise what is growing.

Hamper –  This is relatively new. The hamper will include a terracotta pot, organic soil, organic vegetable feeder, a stake and seeds that match the stake.

Packaging – I have spent quite a bit of time to make sure all my packaging is eco-friendly. All packaging is recyclable, compostable or bio-degradable to make sure I have the least impact on the environment and also so the customer does not have that bad feeling of buying something wrapped in endless amounts of plastic.