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Cathy Russell

Cathy Russell

Cathy Russell

Cathy has been quilling for over 30 years having bought a kit at a craft fair. The revival of interest in quilling in the UK started about 40 years ago and is actively promoted by The Quilling Guild an organisation made up of quillers and quilling enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Cathy has been a member for many years and a local representative of the Quilling Guild for a number of those years promoting quilling in her area.

Cathy loves to share her enthusiasm for quilling and teaches small groups whenever she gets the opportunity. In the past she has also run courses for Adult Education services and privately at craft centres, and enjoys giving talks and demonstrating at craft fairs.

Cathy has designed a Beginners Kit which includes all you need to learn quilling and to create cards with a number of simple designs.

“My designs are inspired by many things in the world around me, nature being one of the main sources – flowers, trees, birds and animals all give me ideas for quilling. All my designs are original and although an idea may be repeated it does not come out just as a copy of another design; I am constantly developing new ideas and improving my designs”

“I create designs on Greetings Cards, make pictures, decorate boxes and paperweights, etc. working on the basis that if I can stick paper onto or put it in an object I will do this with quilling” says Cathy.

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