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Grumpy’s Woodturning

Grumpy’s Woodturning

Geoff is the man behind Grumpy’s Woodturning, based in Essex.

In 2015 Geoff purchased a woodturning lathe and a set of turning gouges. “At first, my pieces were sold to friends and family, then a friend suggested I start selling at craft fairs etc.” says Geoff “At first I was hesitant but after much prompting I contacted Dee and booked my first event. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I should not have worried, my products were well received and sold well”.

“I now do several craft fairs a year and they are very enjoyable events. I like talking to people about my products and it’s great when people tell me how much they like the pieces on display”.

In essence, woodturning is quite a straightforward process, a piece of timber is mounted on the lathe, the lathe is switched on and depending on the item being made, I set to work with a suitable gouge.”

The tools used in woodturning are hand held on a rest and all cuts are a combination of hand and eye co-ordination. Once the piece is turned to Geoff’s satisfaction, the finishing process begins. First the piece is sanded to a fine finish and then the sanding sealer is applied. This is when the attractive grain pattern pops out. Then, depending on what the piece is intended for, Geoff either polishes it with wax or food safe oil.

Geoff uses various timbers and likes home grown timbers such as Ash, Oak and Beech. He also enjoys working with timbers from abroad, with Sapele and Olive being favourites.

” I know a tree surgeon and sometimes he gets me some unusual timber like Laburnam. I also use reclaimed timber when I can get it. A couple of years ago a neighbour gave me some beautiful Mahogany that had been lying around at Tilbury Docks. It made some beautiful goblets” says Geoff.

Apart from the pens he makes, Geoff doesn’t work to a set plan. ” I start off knowing what I am going to make eg. a bowl and then the shape of the bowl evolves in my mind as the work progresses. This means my products are all unique and one of a kind” Geoff comments. You can purchase some of Geoff’s pieces in our online shop – click here to view his work.

Geoff makes a range of products from simple items such as spinning tops to quite complex candle holders. Unless purely for display, he likes his pieces to be useable.

Geoff also takes commissions and so if you would like something made to order please contact him on 07707 510474 or by email at geoffkent58@gmail.com.